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[13 Jan 2005|11:47am]
a book written for discovering and using irrationality:

The Search For Unrational Leadership
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[06 Aug 2004|01:46pm]

while i was sleepin in the cave the monsters of the desert escaped and made the world their chewing gum blowing their bubbles like my spaghetti cat from hell and all the people of the forest said kill them before their goo spreads to the ocean and wake the dreamer in the cave whose noises end the internal menace revolution and so they sent their brown birds over the backwards rainbow to the place where the circular staircase rose from the mountain and they began to climb up and up and up until they found themselves in the most purple desert they had ever tripped in knowing full well that the cave of the dreamer resides on the other side and they flew and flowed and rolled across the desert for what seemed like minutes until they found the cosy cave of the dreamer but the door was locked but they found a back way in but one of them slipped and died but another was born from the ground so they called it even which was the one and only belief of the dreamer who dreamt on the other side of the back door of the cave but when he heard them and woke his belief was lost and the evil goo monsters lived until the last word of the story

hello, i'm aaron and i like to write stories like this, i hope this is the place for me....
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Like fun? [12 Jun 2004|03:56pm]

Heh isn't that the spammiest? Ok, looking for a really fun community that is in it's beginning stages (it's best to join then, you get more perks!) where you can show off ANY imaginative talents you may or may not have?


just go check it out is all I ask. You might find it to be just the thing you're looking for to waste your time.
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hmm...? [23 Jul 2002|12:55pm]

[ mood | curious ]

This forum intruiges me greatly. I am currently reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence....your rants seem along the same lines. I would love to have a discussion with you sometime on the flaws of rationality.

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[14 May 2002|03:55pm]

I will now try to document my insanity. Do not read on if your mind is not open because you will only grow disgusted at my craziness. If you do venture forward, explore at your own risk, I know not what I say, but that it flows from within. This was all done on the Daily Jolt cross-campus forum, most posts are in response to something, and the title of the thread was THROW OUT YOUR CATS.

Entry 1
You motherfuckers all think you're so smart. I show you smart, smart is combination of no reason with illogic. Haha, what do you think of that? Mindless gibberish, you say. But it is the same as your rationality, only your rationality is part of a system constructed to support itself. It teaches beings to think like machines, but we are not machines. Irrationality is just as valid as rationality. I will use this weapon of rationality to destroy itself. You are all scared of the creature of no thought. Well we must deconstruct before we can build again. No thought creature will eat your brains and fry your souls. You will not understand this syllogism, nor should you. Open your mind and boot out rationality as you know it, so that a new sort of thinking may be constructed. Fuckers

Entry 2
Your doctors spew drugs and filth on people whose minds are now controlled by more than one. Doubly bad and doubly evil your doctors are. They prolong life so you can prolong buying. The treat you as material needing to be fixed, the mind as a computer that needs repairing. Call me crazy, but my perception is altered, and that is the difference. Your perception traps you, as mine once did. Free yourself from this. Free yourself from rigid, horrible, rational thought

Entry 3
I would just like to say you are all worthless fools, and no, I am not posting from somewhere, this is my writing. You wish for me to show PROOF to you that I am right. Well, my friend, isn't that just so very rational? However, I can use your system against you, and if that's what you want, then fine. All you have are assertions, boyo. All you have is a melting iron that changes shape. All you have is a piece of rotting flesh. Get me? No, you don't. But you can't, and your rationality is blocking you. You want a rational proof. Read the Floating Opera by John Barth, he goes into it. But not as far as I. No, no, no. Rationality is wrong, it leads to dead life and to Jesus and to Zimbabwe. Must I speak to you in your own language? Fine, I will. You assert, I assert. You assert to buy, I assert to kill your system. You assert to argue, I assert that your argument is flawed. Your rationality is a construct that is killing. Rationality is not supported by anything else. It is internally flawed as we know it. We must throw it out for something new. You base your assertions on a mind-numbing system for the weak. Intelligence is paramount to success. That is the lie you are told and the lie you are sold. Success is based on the cheese dealers dealing their wares. You have no part. Rationality is a blinder meant to shield you from the truth, from empowerment. This system of thought must go. You will not understand, you are insane with your logic and your truth.

Entry 4
Good! Humor is one thing irrationality is full of. However, it has a deeper meaning about the stupidity of life and the absurdity of non absurdists.

Entry 5
Hahaha, your pathetic ramblings insight me into violence of untold measure. My thoughts are chaotic rambling messes of centuries past and eons to come. If you have not yet recognized the flaw in your chained system of thought, that you may just be a shoveler of shit, a piler of house trash left after the party for the Gods that have not died. Your young horses of passionate reality are nothing but mules of dry discourse. You ride them to the village, thinking you're on a noble steed, and the peasants, they laugh and throw things(like stale bread). Do you see? No, this is eternal darkness. There is no seeing. You cannot see through your blindfold of rationality. You are inherantly flawed in your thought system. You pretend to prove when you prove shite. Your point about thought coherancy is indicative of your rationality. You scoff at me because I don't follow your pathetic excuse for a view of the world. Scoff all you want, you fail to see. And it hurts me. Irrationality is an ice cream cone in warm July in the field with a goat. You know not what I wish to replace or what I shall replace it with because you cannot see what is being said.

Entry 6
Descriptive name calling? My pathetic rambling prose is the way to express what you do not see. I explain again and again, but you do not see. I tell you as you should be told, but what does that do? You want an argument, I see not the point in this. This is no politics of fine whine. Politics are full of the same thing I fight against. A sandwhich is a sandwhich, sandwhiches exist without rational thought as we know it. You exist, I exist, I am a fool and a charlatan, as are you. We are both charlatans of different degrees. Your ignorance of the blanket that smothers you shows who you are. Me, I'm just crazy, aren't I? You'd like to think so. But I'm not. I'm a motherfucker. THROW OUT YOUR CATS. Or you will be damned to the prison of your mind.

Entry 7
Ayn Rand is a meat eater like the rest of you. She feasts on the sacrificial lamb of humanity. Spelling is not necessary except for decent communication, and the whine was intended. The sandwhiches were not. I am affected in a way that is beneficial to me. You are not. You are affected with the putrid saucer like eyes of your fathers and the men that have come before you. The women know what I am thinking, but they are oppressed. I need the speed to make you breathe and show the life you lead is something to excise from the planet of the Earth(so you say, I say explorers made that up, I say we might as well be flat, because that's how you think). Unprove me logically, do it. I dare you. You think I have not mastered your primitive logic weapon? I am the master of it, which is how I know how deadly to the user it is.

Entry 8

I am annoyed at the irritability of the thinking machines. I am annoyed at the crush of the nine to five on human lives. Nine to fives would be good if irrational. Ayn Rand is the eater of fruitcake and you all have the log on your hearths and it is burning and the ashes and smokes are clouding your eyes. If you want a prophet, look not at me. If you want a personal Jesus or a savior in Einstein, look not to me. But I will be your Bob Saget. I will free you from the monotony of the evening news with funny babies and fat men falling off ladders. I have cats that dance and dogs who bite nuts. You heed the call of the spirit of your irrational thought. It is in every one of you. pour water on the log and eat the cheeseman

Entry 9
I am bound by the fruits of your evil and they are noxious with the fumes of the day sewers baking in the sun. Hamlet was a man for all seasons and he was man without reason but shaped he was into those who would love and eat the people who would not. I am not here for carnality, although I appreciate it and accept it. I am here for annoyance, because one who runs free in the meadow annoys those who are chained and do drudge work eternally. Tell me what you wish me to respond to, and I will make doughnuts of hair.

Entry 10
Explodingdog has fundamental irrationality in a beauty that I cannot explain with talk.

Well, that;s it for now. I wish I could make it into a book or something. I have ton of stuff like that to say. I'm not even sure what it means. Sorry for subjecting your rationality to that, I know mine hates it.
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[14 May 2002|01:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here we are, here we are. It's nice to be in business. I'm crazy, if you don't mind me saying. Crazy by many standards. I walk around every day, and I act normally, and I love people, but I refuse to accept the mode of thought that most live by, and so I'm a modern day heretic. I invite everyone to join me.

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